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                                                                INSECT INCREASE REGULATOR - S-METOPREN  

S-metoprene was the first juvenile hormonal analog to combat insects distributed in the commercial system. The compound mimics the action of regulating growth hormone and interferes with the life cycle of insects, preventing them from reaching maturity. In the mature stage, the insects lose their ability to reproduce and thus the reproduction cycle is interrupted, which leads to a decrease in the level of infestation. The active substance S-metoprene has an extremely powerful effect against insects from the orders of Diptera and Coleoptera and is generally used to combat species that are especially harmful after reaching adulthood (eg mosquitoes, flies, fleas). S-metoprene also works against a large number of other parasitic insects that produce large numbers of infestations (eg cockroaches, ants).
Advantages of use, S-metoprene-based products provide:
- Biodegradable rapidly, without accumulation or bio-amplification
- Reliable and safe use - No significant toxicity to warm-blooded animals and the environment
- In combination conventional insecticides delay the development of resistance
- A residual long-lasting effect - fewer treatments are needed
- Efficient against insecticide resistant populations
- A broad spectrum of effect against many parasitic insects

 - WHO allows the use of S-metoprene even for drinking water treatment

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Larvicide against mosquitoes, ready to use. It contains a growth free and slow-release growth regulator in a carrier medium, where the product can be used both in open waters and in places where vegetation hides water. It can also be applied be..



Emulsifiable concentrate insecticide containing a free and slow-release growth regulator in a water-based suspension capsule for controlling mosquito larvae.It's part of the professional insecticide category.Active substance:S-metoprene 5.0% (52 g / ..

BIOPREN BFS 6 ec, 500 ml


A new and effective product to combat scumActive substances:S-metoprene 6.74% (60 g / l)Pyrethrin 4.81% (43 g / l)Synergistic agents:PBO 10.17% (91 g / l)MGK 264 16.07% (143 g / l)Emulsifiable concentrate insecticide containing a combination of gro..

PROTECT bed bug and flea killer spray


A new, modern insecticide product ready for use to combat biting insects such as bugs, fleas, beetles, house flies, ants, silver fish and other creeping insects.Active substances:S-metoprene 0.27% (2.2 g / l)Pyrethrin 0.18% (1.5 g / l)Synergist..

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