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SOLO MASTER 452 Available with 13  liter tanks.

1- Big feed and cleaning.

2-High action range with high air jet speed.

3 - High volume, UV stabilized plastic container. The level of filling is gradual and always visible.

   4-Ergonomic handling handle with gas control, spraying quantity and Start / Stop

5-The large gasoline tank provides long service cycles with low consumption.

6-Comfortable, body-molded back support with shoulder straps and vibration dampers.

7-Structure that allows easy maintenance

8-Highly resistant plastic blower housing.

9-Plastic long spraying tub, rotating and easy to fold in all directions

10-Modern, 2-stroke, low-emission SOLO engine with NikasilĀ® coated cylinder for high lifespan

Special nozzle for each crop:

-In the delivery contents of Solo 451 and MASTER 452, beside the wide jet nozzle, find a lens grille and an extension nozzle with attached grills.

The large jet nozzle guides the spray jet to a distance of 12 meters (MASTER 452). If the lens grille is placed on top, spraying is widened.

- Strain gauge extension nozzle facilitates central spreading in crops in rows and also allows the lower parts of the leaves to be treated. Double grid add-on allows two-line treatment.

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SOLO MASTER 452 Atomizer


The right nozzle for any crop: The standard delivery of MASTER 452 includes a long reach nozzle as well as a wide spray grille and a nozzle with interchangeable deflectors. The long reach nozzle directs the spray medium over a distance of up to 12 m ..

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