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IGEBA 95 HD thermal Fog Generators


Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor applications, the TF 95 HD is a high-performance fog generator for every demand. 50 HP real power, enable output quantities up to 100 l/h (oil) and effective penetration o..

IGEBA EVO 35 thermal Fog Generators


EVO 35 is a universal Thermal Fogger designed for different fields of application, indoors or outdoors (where allowed, please respect). This unit can be used with all common pesticides and disinfectants. Even water-based solutions can be appl..

IGEBA TF 160 HD thermal Fog Generators


Whether stationary or mounted on vehicles, the TF 160 HD is the ideal equipment for large-space treatments. A performance of 112 HP, enables output quantities up to 160 l/h (oil) and effective penetration of the fog in closed spaces. Even pur..

IGEBA TF 34 thermal Fog Generators


Only 78cm total length and an empty weight of 6,6 kg make the TF 34 the smallest and lightest Thermal Fog Generator of the IGEBA product range. It was designed with the main objective of indoor fogging and is characterised by its compact size, light ..

IGEBA TF 35 thermal Fog Generators


An excellent combination of expertise, performance and highest quality standards. The IGEBA TF35 is the master of its class and the first choice for the professional application. Only high-quality materials, such as stainless steel are used a..

IGEBA TF 65 / 20 E thermal Fog Generator...


TF 65 is a universal high-performance fogger. Whether stationary in closed spaces or mounted on vehicles for outdoor applications*, the TF 65 is for every demand. This unit is designed for the use with all common insecticides and disinfectant..

IGEBA TF-W 60 thermal Fog Generators


This portable fog generator was especially developed for plant protection applications in greenhouses and for disinfection in agriculture and excels by an efficient horizontal reach and flexible handling. Even when using pure water it shows e..

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