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BIOPREN BFS 6 ec, 500 ml


A new and effective product to combat scumActive substances:S-metoprene 6.74% (60 g / l)Pyrethrin 4.81% (43 g / l)Synergistic agents:PBO 10.17% (91 g / l)MGK 264 16.07% (143 g / l)Emulsifiable concentrate insecticide containing a combination of gro..

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A new and effective product to combat scum

Active substances:
S-metoprene 6.74% (60 g / l)
Pyrethrin 4.81% (43 g / l)

Synergistic agents:
PBO 10.17% (91 g / l)
MGK 264 16.07% (143 g / l)

Emulsifiable concentrate insecticide containing a combination of growth regulator (IGR), insecticide and synergist and is designed to fight bugs and fleas. Product recommended especially for combating synthetic pyrethroid resistant sheets. It has an excellent elimination effect. The solution should be applied directly to the hide places and places where the insects are located. Dilution rate: 50 ml / 5 liters

Dose to be used:
5 liters of working solution for an area of ​​100 m2.

Thanks to its two active ingredients (natural piretrum and S-metoprene), Biopren® 6 EC concentrate against fleas and fleas not only eliminates and destroys insects with a hidden lifestyle, but its active substance, S-metoprene growth regulator breaks Life cycle of insects by preventing reaching the adult stage. The product is also suitable for combating parasites that are resistant to pyrethroid synthetic insecticides.

Code number
Packing unit
Unit /Carton
Unit / pallet
0.5 l / dosing bottle

MGK 264 16,07 % (143 g/l)
PBO 10,17 % (91 g/l)
Piretrina Naturala 4,81 % (43 g/l)
S-methoprene 6,74 % (60 g/l)
Fields of use
Combat The fleas and beg bug

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