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AGITA 400 gr insecticide for flies


Agita 10 WG is an insecticide in the form of water-soluble water-based granules designed to combat a fungus.Active substance: Thiamethoxam 10 g,                 &nbs..

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Agita 10 WG is an insecticide in the form of water-soluble water-based granules designed to combat a fungus.

Active substance: Thiamethoxam 10 g,
                                   Z-9 Tricosen 0.05%.
Packaging: 400gr.

How to use insecticide Agita 10 WG:
Usage category: Professional and general, water-soluble white powder, acts as a poisoning potion on the dish or animal shelter.
Applies to combating flies in indoor or outdoor spaces such as baccarat, terraces, stables, cottages, farms, etc.
Directions for use, Method of use: Water-soluble insecticide powder for combating flies in shelters and animal farms.

Method of use: Apply by lubrication, brush-add 100 gr. Product at 65ml. Mix thoroughly until a sufficiently thick paste is applied to allow application with a brush or gauntlet in the form of strips of 5-6 cm width and 40 cm long on the preferred places of ex-flies, poles, poles, windows, Window frames, etc.

Spray application: Mix 100 gr. Produced with 2 liters of warm water, the solution obtained will be sprayed in the area frequented by flies.

Specific precautions: The product does not apply on washable or hardened walls and on porous surfaces.
The product does not apply to areas in contact with animals.

Precautions: Keep out of the reach of children. Toxic by inhalation and ingestion, inhaled dust. Irritant in contact with skin, may cause allergic skin reactions. Wear suitable gloves and face mask. Product and product waste will be collected at special points for hazardous or potentially hazardous waste collection.

For the environment: Avoid dispersal into the environment.

Storage: Store in the original, tight, sealed package. Keep in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from food, drink or animal feed.

Thiamethoxam 10gr
Tricosen 0.05%

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